Aligning Our Family With God

John 8:12 “Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”


How do we align our families with God? It definitely takes a willing heart, a lot of prayer and God’s help.  We know that we are in a battle every day from our culture and from Satan for our families to not align with God.  This guide is meant to be a tool to help us with God’s help to win the battle!  So how do we align our families?

1.   Pray and ask God to consecrate yourself by giving God your mind, body, soul and spirit.  Once you have trusted in Jesus as the leader of your life, consecration is done when you know that you have done something wrong  Be sure to start your day by doing this or if you realize you have done something wrong during the day.

2.   Prayer is our connection to God.  Pray all the time—that’s talking to God.  We are using a prayer journal to help you keep track of your prayers if you would like to keep track of your prayers.  In addition, several resources are added to give you several models.  Praying with Paul—A Family Guide by Luke Gilkerson, Moving Mountains by John Eldredge, and the Lord’s Prayer from the Bible and also written for Vacation Bible School Materials. (Materials are available at church)

3.   Daily Bible reading written by Susan Musil with journal pages to add your thoughts about the passages and a yearly New Testament Bible reading guide written by Luke Gilkerson. (Materials are available at church)

4.   Scriptures cards to memorize weekly Bible verses created by Susan Pantier. (Materials are available at church)

5.   A blessing card from the Bible to be prayed over your family.

Each week items will be added to the weekly devotions so that you won’t be overwhelmed with where to start.  If you get behind, don’t be concerned.  Keep the pace you need for your family, but most importantly, don’t give up.  If your family wants more Bible reading, there are gaps in the scriptures in the devotions so you can read scriptures not assigned, or you can use the New Testament Guide by Luke Gilkerson.


Our prayer is that you enjoy this as a family and align with God!



How do we use this notebook? 


Each week a thought will be given in a light blue area.  Each day you will have scriptures to read around the thought that was in blue.  After you have read the scripture, there are additional materials on some days to read.  The materials are on prayer and journalizing.  You will be given new materials each week a little at a time so you can manage learning about tools to help you grow as a Christian.  There will be a pull-out card for the four weeks.  You are to pull out the card with four scripture verses for four weeks from your notebook and memorize the scriptures.  There is one scripture per week.  There is also a special area called “Blessings”.  Be sure to bless your family. God wants us to be blessed and to bless others. There is also additional scripture reading if you want more than what you have each day to read in a section at the end.  The main concepts we are trying to learn are to Consecrate ourselves daily—that’s making sure we have asked God to forgive us if we mess up during the day.  That keeps our communication line to God cleaned up.  We try to let God know what we need and are thankful for—that’s prayer and praise, and we are trying to hear from God—that’s reading his word and thinking about what God is telling us.  A journal is writing down what we think God might be saying to us through his word. 


As a family, we want to learn, laugh and love together how much God loves us and has a plan for our lives.




 Family Devotion (Week 21)

   December 31 to January 6


Family Devotion (Week 22)

January 7 to Jauary13


Family Devotion (Week 23)

January 14 to January 20


Family Devotion (Week 24)

January 21 to January27

Eli was the priest at the temple, and his sons were to take over for him; but his sons were so evil that God needed to replace Eli’s sons.  Look and see how God used a faithful woman to take over for the evil sons.

Day 1:  Who was Hannah?  Why was she important? (1 Samuel 1: 1-20)

Day 2:  What did Hannah do with Samuel?  (1 Samuel 1:21-28)

Day 3:  Who were Eli’s sons?  Why were they wicked before God?  (1 Samuel 2:12-17)

Day 4:  How did the Lord call Samuel?  (1 Samuel 3: 1-21)

Day 5:  Why did Israel ask for a king?  (1 Samuel 8:1-22)

Day 6:  Who was the first king?  (1 Samuel 9:1-17)

Day 7:  What did Saul do that caused his kingdom to fall?  (1 Samuel 13:1-14; 1 Samuel 15:1-35)

Families:  This is New Year’s Eve!!  Look over your prayer requests and journaling for the past weeks.  Write down all that God has done for you.  Now pray together and thank him for His goodness.  Write down prayer request for 2019.

Weekly Bible Memory Verse: 

Joshua 24:15


God uses people who others think aren’t very important.  Why do you think God pick David?

Day 1:   Why did Samuel anoint David?  (1 Samuel 16:7)

Day 2:  Which son of Jesse was David?  (1 Samuel 16:10-11)

Day 3:  Why was David in Saul’s service?  (1 Samuel 16:14-22)

Day 4:  Why had David’s father sent him where Goliath was?  (1 Samuel 17)

Day 5: Why was Saul jealous of David?  (1 Samuel 18)

Day 6:  What happened in the Desert of En Gedi?  (1 Samuel 24)

Day 7:  What did you learn about Saul and David?

Families:  Read Praying with Paul—Make our Love Abound (distributed in church)  Use the Prayer for Yourself.  Check out your prayer list.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers? 






Weekly Bible Memory Verse:  Romans 12:17

David could have ended Saul’s life, but he didn’t.  Read the account of how David spared his life.

Day 1:   What was David doing?  1 Samuel 26:1

Day 2:  How many men were looking for David?1 Samuel 26:2  What did Abishai want David to do? 1 Samuel 26:7-8

Day 3:  What was David’s response?  1 Samuel 26:9-12 

Day 4:  What did David do next? 1 Samuel 26: 13-16

Day 5:  How did Saul react?  1 Samuel 26: 17-21

Day 6:  What did David say in  1 Samuel 26: 22-24

Day 7:  Instead of being hunted by Saul, David’s actions change Saul’s heart.  What did Saul do in verse 25.

Families:  Read Praying with Paul—Make our Love Abound(distributed in church)    Use the Prayer for another Christian.  Check out your prayer list.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers?  Is there someone you are holding a grudge against?  Can you release this grudge to God?




















Weekly Bible Memory Verse:  Romans 12:18


Saul goes too far.  What he is about to do brings disaster.  We are not to be messing with spirits, reading horoscopes, or dealing with the dark world. 

Day 1:   Where did Saul go and why?  1 Samuel 28: 1-7

Day 2:  What did Saul ask the woman to do?  1 Samuel 28: 8

Day 3:  What was the woman’s response?  1 Samuel 28:9  What did Saul say to her?  Verse 10

Day 4:  What happened next?  Verses 11-14

Day 5:  What was the conversation between Samuel and Saul?  Verses 15-18

Day 6:  What happened to Saul in  Verses 20?

Day 7:  The woman fed him and he went on his way.  Verses 21-25  What was the result of Saul’s sin?1 Samuel 31: 1-6 

Families:  Read Praying with Paul—Make our Love Abound  (distributed in church)  Use the Prayer for the Church.  Check out your prayer list.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers?

(Cleanse Your Home & John Eldrege)




Weekly Bible Memory Verse:  Romans 12:19



 Family Devotion (Week 25)

   January 28 –February 3


Family Devotion (Week 26)

February 4-February 10


Family Devotion (Week 27)

February 11-February 17


Family Devotion (Week 28)

February 18-February 24

David became King once Saul died, but not without problems with Saul’s son.

Day 1:  How did David react when he heard of Saul and his son Jonathan’s death?  (2 Samuel  1:11; 17-27)

Day 2: David talked to the Lord,  What did he ask him?  (2 Samuel 2:1-4)  Notice—he became King of Judah not of Israel.

Day 3:  This caused a problem with the house of David and Saul.  (2 Samuel 2: 8-11 and 3: 1-6)

Day 4:  David eventually becomes King of Israel and Judah.  (2 Samuel 5: 1-4)

Day 5:  David then conquered Jerusalem (2 Samuel 5:6-9)  God was with him!

Day 6:  The Ark of the Covenant was brought back.  (2 Samuel 6:1-23)

Day 7:  What is God’s promise to David?  (2 Samuel 7:8-16)

Families:  Last week you read--Read Praying with Paul—Make our Love Abound  This week’s example of fighting was because of jealousy and power.  Do you have fighting in your home because of jealousy and power?  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers? 

Weekly Bible Memory Verse:  Matthew 5:23-24


Even though David was right before God, and God loved him, David fell into sin.  This lesson is about the consequence of sin, but also God’s forgiveness. 

Day 1:  David committed adultery (2 Samuel 11:1-5)

Day 2:  David tried to hide his sin (2 Samuel 11:6-13)

Day 3:  David became desperate and he now plotted to have Uriah killed in battle.  (2 Samuel 11:14-24)

Day 4:  David then married Bathsheba.  David hid what he had done, but God knew David’s sin.  (2 Samuel 12:1-12)

Day 5: Did David try to hide his sin from Nathan?  (2 Samuel 12: 13-22)  What was David’s punishment?

Day 6:  David knew that God had forgiven him of what he had done.  David’s heart is recorded in Psalm 32.

Day 7:  When we do really bad things, God can forgive us if we repent.  We need to realize that punishment doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love us.  It means there is a consequence for sin.  (1 John 1:9)

Families:  This week examine your hearts.  Do you have a heart that wants to follow God like David?  Have you messed up and need to confess that sin to God?  We have Jesus’ blood to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you have answered prayers?


Weekly Bible Memory Verse: 

1 John 1:9


David and Bathsheba had a child named Solomon, but David had other children.  This section deals with Solomon becoming King.

Day 1:  Read 1 Kings 1:11-15  Who had decided to make himself King?  Who told Bathsheba the information?  What did he tell Bathsheba to do?

Day 2:  What did Bathsheba do?  What did Nathan do?(1 Kings 1: 16-27)

Day 3:  David made Solomon King  (1 Kings 1:28-31; 34-35)

Day 4:  David died and Solomon sat on the throne.  (1 Kings 2:10-12) 

Day 5:  Solomon asks for wisdom.  (1 Kings 3:4-15)

Day 6:  Solomon was considered a wise ruler.  (1 Kings 3:16-28)

Day 7:  More about Solomon’s wisdom.  (1 Kings 4:29-34)

Families:  If you could have anything that God could give you, what would you want? What do you need to pray about?  Do you have answered prayers?  Do you need to add prayers?
























Weekly Bible Memory Verse: 

Matthew 7:7


Solomon built God a temple and then he built a palace. 

Day 1:  What did God tell Solomon?  1 Kings 9 1:-9

Day 2:  What happened when the Queen of Sheba visited Solomon? 1 Kings 10:1-13

Day 3:  How rich was Solomon and why?  1 Kings 10:14-29

Day 4:  Why did God become angry with Solomon?  1 Kings 11: 7-13

Day 5:  Who became king after Solomon?  1 Kings 11:41-43

Day 6:  Why did Israel decide they wanted a different king? 1 Kings 12:1-19

Day 7:  Who did Israel make as king?  1 Kings 12:20  (The kingdom was now divided—Judah and Israel)

Families:  Why do you think the kingdom got divided?  (1 Kings 11:4-6; 26-33)  Do we have other God’s in our house?  Do we put other things before the Lord our God?  What do you need to pray about?  Do you have answer prayers or prayer to add?











Weekly Bible Memory Verse: 

Matthew 7:7-8



 Family Devotion (Week 29)

   February 25-March 3


Family Devotion (Week 30)

March 4-March 10


Family Devotion (Week 31)

March 11-March 17


Family Devotion (Week 32)

March 18-March 24

After Solomon died the Kingdom was split in two.  Judah and Israel.  The two Kings were Rehoboam and Jeroboam.  Jeroboam was King of Israel and Rehoboam was in King of Judah.  As we go through the next lessons, you will hear about bad and good Kings—watch which Kingdom they were over. 

Day 1:  Rehoboam becomes king.  1 Kings 14:21-31  Was he a good or bad king?

Day 2:  Abijah becomes king.  1 Kings 15:1-8.  Was he a good or bad king?  Why did God show him some favor?

Day 3:  Asa becomes king. 1 Kings 15:9-15.  Was he good or bad?  Why

Day 4:  Ahab becomes king.  1 Kings 16:29-34 

Day 5:  God used Elijah—1 Kings 17:1-6  How did God use Elijah

Day 6:  How did God use a widow?  1 Kings 17:7-24

Day 7: Elijah consults Obadiah.  1 Kings 18:1-15  God sees and knows when people are doing good or bad.  Even in the bad, God tries to reach out to His people.

Families:  Read—Purify Us Completely and Prayer for Yourself  When you read about all of the Kings who did evil in the sight of God, it makes you realize how we influence those around us.  Take this time to search your hearts, mind, and soul.  Do you need God to Purify You Completely?  Check out your prayer list.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers? 

Weekly Bible Memory Verse:  1 Thessalonians 5:16, 17, 18


God wanted those who were worshipping false god’s to see that their god’s were only made out of stone and wood.  What happens on Mt. Carmel is pretty amazing.

Day 1:  1 Kings 18:16-24—What were the people to do?

Day 2:  1 Kings 18:25-29  What happened when the people asked their false gods to answer by fire?

Day 3:  1 Kings 18:30-33 What did the twelve stones represent?  Water was scarce, but how many large water jars did he have poured over the offering?

Day 4:  1 Kings 18:34-37.  How many more times did he have them fill the four water jugs?  Look at his prayer.  What did he want to happen to their hearts?

Day 5:  1 Kings 18:38-39.  What happened after he prayed?  How did the people respond?

Day 6:  1 Kings 18:40-What happened to the prophets of Baal?

Day 7:  1 Kings 18:41-45  Elijah told Ahab that rain was coming.  Each time he prayed he sent his servant to check for a rain cloud.  How many times did the servant go to check for the cloud?

Families:  You read—Purify Us Completely and Prayer for Yourself  Read and pray “Prayer for Another Christian.)   Check out your prayer list.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers?  Don’t give up—remember Elijah continued praying until the cloud was forming!





Weekly Bible Memory Verse:  1 Thessalonians 5:19, 20, 21


Many times when God does something really big, Satan then tries to attack us and we become fearful.  That’s what happened to Elijah, but God understood his fear.

Day 1:  1 Kings 19:1-2.  What was the threat from Jezebel?

Day 2:  1 Kings 19:3-6.  Was Elijah so frightened that he didn’t think he could go on?  What did God do for him?

Day 3:  1 Kings 19:7-9a  After eating a second time he traveled for how long?  How did he do that?

Day 4:  1 Kings 19:9b-10 What did Elijah tell God?

Day 5:  1 Kings 19:11-13  What happened?  How did God come to Elijah?

Day 6:  1 Kings 19:14-18  What did God tell Elijah?

Day 7:  1 Kings 19:19-21  Elijah went and found Elisha.  What did Elisha do?

Families:  You read—Purify Us Completely and Prayer for Yourself  Read and pray “Prayer for the church.”   Check out your prayer list.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers?  Remember that what Elijah thought he was the only one that had followed God, but there were a lot more people than that and God knew who they were!
























Weekly Bible Memory Verse:  1 Thessalonians 5:22-23

Ahab is killed and Elijah is going to be taken up.  This is an amazing account of what God did for Elijah and also for Elisha.

Day 1:  2 Kings 2:1-2  Where was the Lord sending Elijah?

Day 2:  2 Kings 2: 3-4 Why do you think Elisha wanted to stay with Elijah?

Day 3:  2 Kings 2:5-7 Where did Elijah end up? 

Day 4:  2 Kings 2:8  What did Elijah do?

Day 5:  2 Kings 2:9-10  What did Elisha want?

Day 6:  2 Kings 2:11-14  What happened to Elijah and Elisha?

Day 7:  2 Kings 2:15-25  List three things that happened after Elijah left.

Families:  You have finished the special reading and prayers.   Check out your prayer list.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers? 













Weekly Bible Memory Verse:  1 Thessalonians 5:24



    Family Devotion (Week 33)

   March 25-March 31

Family Devotion (Week 34)

April 1 to April 7

Family Devotion (Week 35)

April 8-April 14 Palm Sunday

Family Devotion (Week 36)

April 15-April 21 Easter

We are going to prepare this week for Easter.  Here is the account five days before Passover.

Day 1:  John 12:1-9  What time of year was it?  Look back and remember what Passover was about when we studied Moses.  What do we learn about Judas?

Day 2:  Matthew 21:1-7; Mark 11:1-6; Luke 19:28-34 How many donkeys were brought to Jesus?  Which one did he sit on? What did it mean when he rode on the donkey—Matthew 21:5; 1 Kings 1: 32-40

Day 3: Matthew 21:7-11; Mark 11:7-11; Luke 19:35-41; John 12:12-15  Where did Jesus go with the donkey?  What did the people do?

Day 4:  John 12:16-19  What do you think the Pharisees were thinking?

Day 5: Luke 19:41-44  What did Jesus do when he saw Jerusalem?  What do you think his words mean?

Day 6:  Mark 11:11  Once Jesus entered Jerusalem, where did he go?  The next day what did Jesus do?  Luke 19:45-48; Mark 11: 12-19

Day 7: Why did God choose this day for Jesus to ride in on the donkey.  1 Corinthians 5:7; Hebrews 7:27; Hebrews 9:28; 1 Peter 1:19; Revelation 5:12;

Exodus: 12:3, 6  (Jesus rode in on the day the sheep were brought in to the sheep gate—Jesus rode in to the sheep gate!  Jesus is our Passover Lamb!!

Families:  Read—Open the Eyes of Our Hearts—Ephesians 1:3-10   During this Holy week, let’s ask God to open our hearts to really see Jesus.  Check out your prayer list.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers? 


Weekly Bible Memory Verse:  John 12:13



Jesus predicted his death.

Day 1:  John 12: 20-26  What was Jesus saying?

Day 2:  John 12: 27-33  What did the voice say?  What type of death did Jesus predict?

Day 3:  John 12:34-36  What were the people asking?  How did Jesus respond?

Day 4:  John 12:37-43 Isaiah the prophet gave two scriptures—Isaiah 53:1 and 6:10.  What did the Pharisees love?

Day 5:  John 12:44-46.  Do these verses help to explain verse 36?

Day 6:  John 12:47-50  Why did Jesus come?

Day 7:  Matthew 26:1-5 and 14-16; Luke 22:1-6.  Who had decided to betray Jesus?

Families:  Read—Open the Eyes of Our Hearts—Ephesians 1:11-14   What is our inheritance?  You receive an inheritance when someone in your family dies.  Through Jesus’ death, we have an inheritance.  Pray the Prayer for Yourself:   Check out your prayer list.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers? 

Weekly Bible Memory Verse: John 12:46


Jesus washes his disciples’ feet, eats with them and then goes to pray.  He is tried and convicted and then crucified.

Day 1: John 13:1-17  Why did Jesus h their feet?

Day 2: Matthew 26:17-29 Who did Jesus say would betray him? 

Day 3: Matthew 26:30; 36-45  Where did they go after supper?  What did Jesus want them to do?

Day 4:  Matthew 26:57-67  Where was Jesus taken after he was arrested?

Day 5: Matthew 27:11-26  What did Pilot do?

Day 6:  Matthew 27:32-44  What was written above Jesus’ head?

Day 7  Matthew 27:45-60  What time was it when darkness came over the land?  What shook?  What happened to the temple?  Where was Jesus’ body buried?

Families:  Pray the Prayer for Another Christian:   Check out your prayer list.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers? 






























Weekly Bible Memory Verse: Matthew 26:26


The good news is that Jesus didn’t say dead—He came back to life conquering death.

Day 1:  Matthew 28: 1-4  Who went to the tomb?  What happened to the guards?

Day 2:  Matthew 28:5-7  What did the angel say?

Day 3:  Matthew 28:8-10  Who did the women see as they left?  What were his instructions?

Day 4:  John 20:19-23  Who did Jesus appear to?  When Jesus breathed on them what did they receive?

Day 5:  John 20:24-29  What did Jesus do for Thomas?

Day 6:  John 21:1-14  What happened?  What did Jesus have prepared for them?  There are a lot of theories of what the 153 fish represent.  One of the theories is that 153 fish is the number for AniElohim.  Which means I Am God.

Day 7:  Luke 24:50-53; Acts 1:7-9  After walking and talking, Jesus then ascends to heaven.  What does Jesus say?

Families:  Read Open the Eyes of Our Hearts.  Ephesians 1:15-23  Pray for the Church  :   Check out your prayer list.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers? 









Weekly Bible Memory Verse: Matthew 26:27


    Family Devotion (Week 37)

   April 22-April 28

Family Devotion (Week 38)

April 29-May 5

Family Devotion (Week 39)

May 6-May 12

Family Devotion (Week 40)

May 13-May 19

We are now going back to the Old Testament.  This week we will be studying Daniel and looking at God’s Will.

Day 1:  Daniel 1:1-7  Daniel found himself away from his homeland, and he was chosen to serve in the King’s palace.  What were the qualifications for service? 

Day 2:  Daniel 1:8-16  Daniel was not going to defile himself by eating the required food.  How did he handle this?  What happened after ten days?

Day 3 Daniel 1:17-21 How did God bless the four young men?  Why were they blessed?

Day 4:  Daniel 2:1-12 Nebuchadnezzar had a dream and he wanted to know what it meant.  What happened and why did Arioch go to Daniel?

Day 5: Daniel 2:15-23  Who did Daniel talk to?  What did he ask his friends to do?  How was the mystery of the dream revealed to Daniel?  What did he do?

Day 6:  Daniel 2:24-30  Who did Daniel give credit to for revealing the mystery?  What did Daniel say about himself?

Day 7: Daniel 2:31-49  What was the dream?  How did King Nebuchadnezzar react to what Daniel told him?  How were Daniel and his friends rewarded?

Families:  Read—Fill Us with a Knowledge of Your Will  Do you feel you are searching for God’s will for your life?  Was Daniel in God’s will even though he was in captivity?  Why did God use Daniel?  Check your prayer list.  Did you receive answers?  Do you need to add prayers?







Weekly Bible Memory Verse:  Daniel 2:20-21a



Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego stand firm for the Lord even though their lives are ready to end.

Day 1:  Daniel 3:1-6

How big was the idol image?   What were the people to do when they heard the musical instruments? 

Day 2:  Daniel 3:7-15  Why were the three men summoned to see the King? 

Day 3:  Daniel 3:16-18  What did the three men tell the King?

Day 4:  Daniel 3:19-23  What was the King’s reaction to the men?  What happened to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego?

Day 5:  Daniel 3:24-25  What did the King see?  What did the fourth man look like?  Who do you think the fourth man was?

Day 6:  Daniel 3:26-27  What did the King tell the men to do?  What did the people observe?

Day 7:  Daniel 3:28-30  How did this change the King’s heart?  What did he declare?  How did he reward the three men?

Families:  You read—Fill Us with a Knowledge of Your Will.    Pray the Prayer for Yourself:   Check out your prayer list.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers? 

Weekly Bible Memory Verse: Daniel 2:21b-22


King Belshazzar was now ruling and Daniel was still in service in the Palace. 

Day 1: Daniel 5:1-4  What did the King do that was wrong?

Day 2: Daniel 5:5-6  What happened and how did the King react?

Day 3: Daniel 5:7-12  Who did the King call to help him?  What did the Queen tell him?  Whose son was King Belshazzar?

Day 4:  Daniel 5:13-16  Who did the King call?  What did he promise as a reward?

Day 5: Daniel 5:17-23  What did Daniel tell the King?

Day 6:  Daniel 5:24-28  What was the writing and what did it mean?

Day 7  Daniel 5:29-31  What happened to Daniel and Belshazzar that day and night?

Families:  Pray the Prayer for Another Christian:   Check out your prayer list.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers? 























Weekly Bible Memory Verse: Daniel 2:23a


Darius has now taken over the Kingdom.  Jealousy rises up against Daniel.

Day 1:  Daniel 6:1-5  What did Darius establish in the kingdom?  What was Daniel’s character?

Day 2:  Daniel 6:6-9  What was the plot to get rid of Daniel?

Day 3:  Daniel 6:10-12  What did the men do after they saw Daniel praying?

Day 4:  Daniel 6:13-16  Did the King want to throw Daniel in the lion’s den?  What did he say to Daniel?

Day 5:  Daniel 6:17-20  What did the King do during the night and in the morning?

Day 6:  Daniel 6:21-23  What was Daniel’s reply?  How was Daniel?  Was he hurt?

Day 7:  Daniel 6:24-28  What happened to the men who had accused him and their families?  How did this event affect Darius? 

Families:  Pray for the Church.   Check out your prayer list.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers? 




Weekly Bible Memory Verse: Daniel 2:23b   

    Family Devotion (Week 41)

   May 20-May 26

Family Devotion (Week 42)

May 27-June2

Family Devotion (Week 43)

June 3-June 9

Family Devotion (Week 44)

June 10-16

This section is about Jonah.  God needed Jonah to go to Nineveh to reach this lost city.

Day 1:  Jonah 1:1-3

What did God ask Jonah to do?  How did Jonah respond? 

Day 2:  Jonah 1:4-6  What did the Lord do?  How did the crew and Jonah react?

Day 3: Jonah 1:7-9  When they cast lots, who did it fall on?  What did Jonah tell them?

Day 4:  Jonah 1:10-12  What did the sailors ask Jonah?  What was Jonah’s response?

Day 5: Jonah 1:13-17  What did the men try to do and what did they pray?  What did the Lord provide?

Day 6:  Jonah 2:1-6  What was his account once he was in the sea? 

Day 7: Jonah 2:7-10  Even when he thought he was about to drown, what did he do?  What did God do with him?

Families:  Read—Prayers for a Lost World  God does want all men to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.  Are we like Jonah who runs away from going out to tell others about Jesus?  Read and Pray for a Non-Christian—there is a list to complete for people you know who need Christ.

Weekly Bible Memory Verse:  1 Peter 3:15

Jonah goes to Nineveh

Day 1:  Jonah 3:1-2  What was Jonah to do in Nineveh? 

Day 2:  Jonah 3:3-4  What was the city like?  What did Jonah say?

Day 3:  Jonah 3:5-6  What happened to the people and the king when they heard Jonah’s message?

Day 4 Jonah 3:7-8  What did the King declare?

Day 5:  Jonah 3:9  What did he hope would happen?

Day 6:  Jonah 3:10  How did God react? 

Day 7:  Looking back over the ten verses, how fast did the people respond to the news?  Was this an evil and violent city?  Do you think God cares as much about our community as he did Nineveh?

Families:  You read—Prayers for a Lost World.      You are to pray for an Unreached People Group.  An unreached people group is a group that you know who needs the Lord—(Gangs? Your school? Etc.)  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers? 








Weekly Bible Memory Verse: Colossians 4:6

The people have turned to God, but Jonah has a bad attitude.

Day 1: Jonah 4:1  What was Jonah’s attitude?

Day 2: Jonah 4:2  Why did he have a bad attitude?  Do you think he had some type of prejudice? 

Day 3: Jonah 4:3  What did Jonah want God to do?  Is he throwing a temper tantrum? 

Day 4:  Jonah 4:4  How did God respond to Jonah?

Day 5: Jonah 4:5  What did Jonah do next?

Day 6:  Jonah 4:6  What did God do for Jonah?  What was Jonah’s response? 

Day 7  Jonah 4:7  What did God do to the vine?

Families:  You read—Prayers for a Lost World.   Read and Pray for the Government.  Do we have a bad attitude when we see other churches growing?  Do we have a bad attitude when we are asked to serve the Lord?  Check out your prayer list.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers? 
























Weekly Bible Memory Verse: Jeremiah 1:7

What was God trying to teach Jonah?  What is he trying to teach us?

Day 1:  Jonah 4:8  What did God do and what was Jonah’s response?

Day 2:  Jonah 4:9  What did God ask Jonah and what was Jonah’s response?  What do you think the vine represents? 

Day 3:  Jonah 4:10  Do you have a better clue what the vine represents?

Day 4:  Jonah 4:11  Hopefully, you now understand why God provided the vine.  Are we more concerned with unimportant things than a human soul?

Day 5:  Do we have these problems to keep us from sharing the Gospel?  Prejudice? Pride? Pouting? Selfishness? Anger? Burnout? Jealousy? Depression?  Write down the opposite quality of each negative problem. Ask God for forgiveness and to change the negative problems to good qualities

Day 6:  Who in your life do you struggle to reach out to?  People of a different religion?  People who are of a different denomination?  People of another ethnic background?  People in a different social class?

Day 7:  Who do you see God is calling you to reach to?  My family? My neighbors? My classmates?  My coworkers?  My relatives?


Families:   Read--Prayer for Missionaries and Read the Prayer for Missionaries Check out your prayer list.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers? 


















Weekly Bible Memory Verse:

Jeremiah 1:8 

    Family Devotion (Week 45)

   June 17-23

Family Devotion (Week 46)

June 24-30

Family Devotion (Week 47)

July 1-July 7

Family Devotion (Week 48)

July 8-July14

This section has lengthy reading.  If you are unable to read all of Job, just take the first listed reading.

Why do bad things happen to good people?  God’s people?  Job is an account of a righteous man who went through incredible things for God to prove to Satan that Job would love him even when terrible things happened to him.

Day 1:  Job 1:1-22 What was Job’s character?  What happened to all of his possessions and children?

Day 2:  Job 2:1-13  What did God say about Job and what did Satan say?  What happened next to Job?

Day 3: Job 3:1-26; Job 4:1-21; Job 5:1-27  What was Job thinking and what did Eliphaz say to him?  Were they both thinking this was caused by God?

Day 4:  Job 6:1-30 and 7:1-21  What are Job’s words about?  What does he feel has happened?

Day 5: Job 8:1-22  Job’s friend Bilad now speaks.  What does he say is the problem?  Are we quick to judge others?

Day 6:  Job 9:1-35 and 10:1-22  What are Job’s feelings?  Are his friends comforting him?  Praying for him?

Day 7: Job 11: 1-20  What did his third friend Zophar say? Is he judging Job?  Praying with him?

Families:  Read—Prayer for the Church  Read the Prayer for Yourself and the Church.  Make a list of the people you know that are going through tough times.  Pray for Satan to be bound and for God’s hedge and angels to go around them.  Pray

Psalm 91 around them. Check your own prayer lists.


Weekly Bible Memory Verse: 

Matthew 18:18

Job is pouring out his heart to his friends and trying to understand why God has done this to him.  He thinks God isn’t listening or hearing him.  Are his friends helping him?

Day 1:  Job: 12:1-25; Job 13:1-28; Job 14:1-22  What are Job’s feelings? 

Day 2:  Job: 15:1-35  Job’s friend Eliphaz speaks.  What does he say?

Day 3:  Job 16:1-22; 17:1-16 What does Job say to his friends?  Is Satan using his friends also against him? 

Day 4 Job 18:1-21  Bildad speaks again.  Does he encourage Job?  Does he blame Job for his troubles?

Day 5:  Job 19:1-29  Job responds and he praises the Lord.  Do you think he realizes that their words are not from God?

Day 6:  Job 20:1-29  Zophar replies.  What does he call Job? 

Day 7:  This week’s intense reading hopefully has opened our eyes.  Are we quick to judge?  Do we gauge what is happening to a person thinking it is from God?  We need to be praying for them.  Are we?

Families:  You read—Prayer for the Church and created a prayer list of friends needing your prayers.      Continue to pray for them.  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers? 











Weekly Bible Memory Verse: Psalm 34:22

How long will Job go through his pain, suffering and accusations by his friends. 

Day 1: Job 21:1-34  What was Job’s response?

Day 2: Eliphaz comes back telling Job what he thinks are his sins.  Do we judge others like he judges Job?  Job 22:1-30 

Day 3: Job 23:1-17  Does Job think this is a test? Job 24:1-25  Is Job wondering why this won’t end?  Is he trying to understand what is happening?  

Day 4:  Job 25:1-6  Bildad responds.  What does he consider man?

Day 5: Job 26:1-14 Job replies and then he begin his discourse.  Job 27:1-23  What does Job proclaim?

Day 6:  Job 28:1-28  What does Job declare about wisdom? 

Day 7  Job 29:1-25; Job 30:1-31; Job 31:1-40 (You may read all of this or select from the chapters.) Job pours out his heart and thinks about what he has tried to do as a righteous man.

Families:   When something bad happens, how do we respond?  Do we stick with God and believe he will bring us through our adversity?  Do we help others through their problems?  Do you need to add prayers to your journal?

















Weekly Bible Memory Verse: Matthew 5:44-45a

Elihu speaks for Chapters 32-37.  Feel free to read these chapters; but in Chapter 38, God speaks.

Day 1:  Job 38:1-41  Journal what you learn about God from these verses.

Day 2:  Job 39:1-30  What else have you learned about God?

Day 3:  Job 40:1-34  God speaks of two creatures—the behemoth and leviathan.  Many scholars say these were two types of dinosaurs.  What did you learn?

Day 4:  Job 42:1-6  Job replies to the Lord.  What was Job’s final conclusion?

Day 5:  God then speaks to the three friends.  What does he say?  Job 42:7-9

Day 6:  What did God do for Job?  What did his brothers and sisters do?  Job 42:10-11

Day 7:  What did God do for Job for the rest of his life?  How long did he live?  Job 42:12-17

Families:   After someone has had devastating loss, do we comfort and console them?  Job was then blessed by God.  Look at how many more sheep, camels, oxen and donkeys he now has.  He has more children—the same amount he lost before Satan’s attack; and his daughters are beautiful.  This book can give us hope and assurance that God will answer us, he will be with us, and he will bless us when we follow him.


















Weekly Bible Memory Verse:

Matthew 5:45b


    Family Devotion (Week 49)

   July 15-July21

Family Devotion (Week 50)

July 22-July 28

Family Devotion (Week 51)

July 29-August 4

Family Devotion (Week 52)

August 5-August 11

After the Jewish people had been in captivity for 70 years, God used two men to rebuild the temple and the wall of Jerusalem—Ezra and Nehemiah.  God used three Kings to help the Jewish people return to their home land—King Cyrus, King Artaxerxes and King Darius.

Day 1:  Ezra 1:11  What did God do to King Cyrus’ heart?  How many things were taken back to Jerusalem?

Day 2 Ezra 2:64-70; Ezra 3:1-6  How many people went back?  Why did they build the Altar?  What did they celebrate?

Day 3: Ezra 3:7-13  What did the people rebuild?  Were they happy or sad?

Day 4:  Ezra 4:1-5 What happened when the temple was being built?  Ezra 4:6-24  What did King Artaxerxes write in his letter?  What happened to the rebuilding of the temple?

Day 5: Ezra 5:1-6  What happened to the temple?  Ezra 5:8-17  A letter is written; what is in the letter?

Day 6:  Ezra 6:1-18  What was King Darius’ response and decree?

Day 7: Ezra 7:1-28  What was Ezra?  Why was the letter from King Artaxerxes important?

Families:  Read--Make Us Worthy of the Day of Christ  When God is moving, Satan tries to put up obstacles to keep things from happening.  Are we aligning each day with God and seeking to see what we can do to advance the kingdom?

Weekly Bible Memory Verse: 

2 Thessalonians 1:3

Ezra sets out with the people to return to Jerusalem. 

Day 1:  Ezra 8:15-23  What did the request from God?

Day 2:  Ezra:24-36  Why was Ezra concerned about his safety?  What did they do when they got safely there?

Day 3:  Ezra prays to God.  Ezra 9:6-15  What did Ezra pray? 

Day 4 The people respond.  Ezra 10:1-17  What was their sin and what had to be done?

Day 5:  God uses Nehemiah. Nehemiah 1:3  What was the news Nehemiah received about the exile?

Day 6:  Nehemiah 1:4-11.  What did Nehemiah pray?

Day 7:  Nehemiah 2:1-9  What happened as a result of Nehemiah’s prayer?

Families:  You read—Make Us Worthy of the Day of Christ.      Read Prayer for Yourself.  Do we see things that disturb us so much that we pour our hearts out to God?  What do you need to pray about?  Do you need to add prayers? 











Weekly Bible Memory Verse: Psalm 91:2

Once in Jerusalem, Nehemiah inspects the walls.  He goes through much of what Ezra went through building the temple—opposition.

Day 1: Nehemiah 2:11-20  What was Nehemiah’s response to the opposition?

Day 2: Nehemiah 3:1-32  What were all of the gates that were rebuilt?

Day 3: Nehemiah 4:1-21  When they had opposition, they continued.  What did they do to continue building?

Day 4:  Nehemiah takes care of the poor.  Nehemiah 5:1-19  What did Nehemiah do? 

Day 5: Nehemiah faces more problems with the wall.  Nehemiah 6:14  What was the plot to stop the building?  How did Nehemiah reply?

Day 6:  The wall is finished!!  Nehemiah 6:15-19  What did the people realize?

Day 7  Ezra reads the Law.  Nehemiah 8:1-8  What did the people do?

Families:   You read—Make Us Worthy of the Day of Christ.      Read Prayer for Another Christian.  Look back now over the prayer requests for the past year.  Look at all that God has done for you.  Write a list and Praise the Lord for his answers.   



























Weekly Bible Memory Verse:

Ephesians 1:5

The people confess their sins—they align themselves with God

Day 1:  Nehemiah 8:9-18  What did the people do and what was Nehemiah’s response? 

Day 2:  Nehemiah 9:1-3  What did the people do?

Day 3:  The people recount how they got to the point they sinned against God.  Nehemiah 9:16-18; 26-31  What was their sin?

Day 4:  Nehemiah 9:32-37  What did the people say to God?

Day 5:  The people made a binding agreement so people would not go back to doing evil.   Nehemiah 9:38 10:28-39  List some of the items from the agreement. 

Day 6:  There was a great celebration.  What happened?  Nehemiah 12:27-31; 38, 40, 43

Day 7:  Nehemiah leaves and then comes back.  He finds that several groups have done some things that are against God’s laws.  Nehemiah 13.  What does Nehemiah ask God in verses 14 and 22.  The last words in verse 31 summarize Nehemiah’s wishes—“Remember me with favor, O my God.”  Is that your heart’s wish?

Families:   You read—Make Us Worthy of the Day of Christ.      Read Prayer for the Church.  Look back now over the memory verses.  Which is your favorite verse?     




























Weekly Bible Memory Verse:

Nehemiah 13:31b  “Remember me with favor, O my God.”


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